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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Issuing Direct SQL from MVC5

Recently I needed to add a quick updater that added a value to Table1 when someone copied data from Table2.
Now, the normal way to do this with Entity Framework is to load the entity change the value, then save the changed entity.
But I am a SQL guy from way back, and rather than fetch the entire record and write it all back through Entity Framework, I figured it would be way more efficient if I just sent the database an update directly. Turns out that for us old SQL developers, it's terribly easy to do just that.
Here is my example subroutine, for your dining pleasure.
/// <summary>
/// Updates a Toolkit with the number of the Assignment ID Created from it.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="ToolkitID">The toolkit ID to be updated</param>
/// <param name="AssignmentID">The AssignmentID to attach</param>
public static void UpdateToolkitWithAssignmentID(int ToolkitID, int AssignmentID)
    using (ORM db = new ORM())
                "UPDATE [dbo].[ToolkitRequests] SET[AssignmentID] = @AID Where[UniqueId] = @ID",
                new SqlParameter("@AID", AssignmentID),
                new SqlParameter("@ID", ToolkitID)

That's it! It's super fast, and there is no mucking about in Entity Framework. NOTE that all the EF validity checking is skipped when you do this, so use it in cases where it's a simple SQL and you can ensure data integrity yourself. In my case, there is no way to get in this routine without valid values in both params, so I know I won't get surprised with a stray NULL.

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