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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Don't Trust Sourcegear Vault

Sorry to have to say this, but in my short time trying to use it I have had numerous issues like:
  • Don't use the latest version, use this special old release.  It's the only one that works for us (version compatibility issues).
  • You check in a project and when you check back out it's in the wrong place.
    • This makes it so when you browse your tree, all the files show as missing, which makes me panic every single time.
    • If you try to fix it incorrectly, it adds your whole project to a folder inside your project like root/myProject/myProject/...all my folders - again
  • It locks all your files when you told it not to.
  • At least once in every project, things have gotten so banjaxed that I have had to delete and re-upload the entire source set, meaning all previous revisions are lost.
Bottom line, Vault has lost my confidence. Now only on the rarest occasion, when all the pressure is completely off to get my work done, will I dare to try a check-in.  Because about 65% of the time, trying to check in my source means losing a significant part of a workday trying to sort out some stupid problem.

Incidentally, I have used Subversion many times, and NEVER had any of these problems, or really had to dig through manuals for answers.


Bryan Valencia is a contributing editor and founder of Visual Studio Journey.  He owns and operates Software Services, a web design and hosting company in Manteca, California.

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