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Monday, June 7, 2010

ASP.NET and SQL Server: Chapter 1: Displaying A Gridview of SQL Server Data

Chapter 1.
Assuming you already have data you wish to display in your SQL Server database, create an aspx ajax web form.

Now open the Database Explorer, and open your database, then navigate to the table you want to show in the web form.  Click the table, and drag it to your form div tags.
Hit control-s (save) and your datagrid will appear in the design view window along with a SqlDatasource.

That was easy!  As a bonus, there are some handy easy-formatting options.  Click the grid in the design view, and look for the little pop-out menu at the top right of the control.  Select AutoFormat.
The Auto Format options can configure all the visual settings for you in a flash.  This menu is also used to select editing, paging, sorting options for the gridview.

Press F5 to view the grid in action.  Then stay tuned for Chapter 2: How to use a dropdown list in the grid.

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