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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Latest Windows Malfunction

Lately my DSL has been wonky at the office.  Seemingly, everything is fine, but now and then, I get the little networking icon in this state - - sending but not receiving.

To fix this problem, I have been right clicking the little icon, opening my network connections, disabling and  enabling my network connection, and I'm good for another 15 minutes to a day.

Sometimes however, I have some process I'd rather not disconnect, so I try the good ol' XP repair connection function. Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.  And then, sometimes, it does this:


Note how Windows is supposedly "finished", yet we don't have the "close" button, we have the "cancel" button.  You can click that button 30 million times and nothing is going to happen - believe me, I have tried.  That effing window is going to be there until you reboot.  There is no process in the process explorer to cancel, there is no application to end task on, you can disconnect the network and reconnect, and the little window stays right there.  God forbid you have some process running, and need it to complete first.

I wonder if the new Google Chrome will be any better.

This turns out to be a conflict between Zone Alarm and AVG anti-virus!  Remove one or the other and your troubles will cease!

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