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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Comprehensive ASP.NET Development Checklist

The point of this post is not that it is a comprehensive checklist, but rather that it will become one. I mostly write it because I got tired of skipping the same old steps every freaking time I created a new website. So without further ado, here is the list.
  • APPLICATION NAME: Will your application require it's own app name? if so, create it on your web server NOW. This will simplify the whole authentication thing if you're using ASP.NET authentication.
  • MEMBERSHIP AND ROLES PROVIDERS: - if you are using them check here for info on doing this. In general you do not want to use a site database, they are way too slow.
  • SETUP SITE DEFAULTS: Use the App Config screens to assign an email account to your web server. Verify that this works with AO-Hell!
  • PAGE TITLES: Make sure every aspx page has a title.
  • favicon.ico: Make sure your site has a 16x16 icon. These can alternately be loaded in the page's headers if you need different icons for each page.
  •  SSL Certificates (optional)
  • Turn off Debug Mode
  • Lock-down your Administration site
  • Review robots.txt
  • table CSS to table-layout: fixed; (if you don't want your tables expanding on you)

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