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Thursday, November 1, 2007

OracleGetClob Woes

Must... type... this... before... head... explodes!

Ok, I have constructed a query and I'm fetching data from the database, including an Oracle Clob column.

The regular columns work great and look like this:

description = reader.GetValue(5).ToString();

bot for some inane reason,

description = reader.GetValue(6).ToString();

...when run against a clob field will not work if your life depends on it.

I have been to a total of 25 web pages now looking of one solitary example of how to read an oracleclob, and there isn't one! Just one f'ing example is all I need, to see what needs to be done to put the data from my clob object into my string object.

There are many sites that contain volumes about the OracleGetClob() method, and some about the Fetchsize property, but not one solid example that starts with a clob and ends up with the text in a string!

How does it all work together? Anyone?

This is so goddamned frustrating. Where is my Delphi CD?

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