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Friday, August 3, 2007

Ok, What am I doing wrong here...

My web page looks like this in my local machine:

So I "publish" it. to the webserver, which is 4 feet to the right.

Ok, let's go to the live website and compare to the test website...

Ok, Parser Error Message: Child nodes not allowed. What does that mean? Apparently there is an error in my web.config file, which I never touched... It was generated automatically from Visual Web Developer. From my decades of programming experience, I am estimating that it's because I need to add the beta version of the .NET library to my server. But why cant the error just say You have to upgrade to the latest version of the .NET Framework to view this page?

I am upgrading the server now (should take an hour). I will bet you that it requires a reboot and that there is still an error after the upgrade is complete.

Meanwhile, let's look for this error in the help system. Searching for <providerOption name="CompilerVersion" value="v3.5"/> Let's search the Help!

Nothing. Lets check the questions site... Oh this is nice: from this page:

That's why it's called a BETA there champ...It has bugs.

Real helpful there... Ok lets run this error by Google.

Ok, turning to Google.

There is a really good post here - it's a lot of reading but it seems like they have a handle on the problem. Why is there nothing about this on the Microsoft site? I can't believe they have never heard of this problem!

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